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CPD is Changing webinar

To continue being a member of the ICAEW, you have to meet specific continuous professional development (CPD) obligations every year. And this year, those obligations are changing.
To keep you up to speed on what you need to do, and to explain how Future Finance Training can help, we are hosting a free ‘CPD is Changing’ webinar on 5th December 2023.


“Each accountancy institute sets different annual CPD requirements for its members,” says Helen Herrigan, managing director of Future Finance Training, “so you need to make sure that the CPD you undertake is fully compliant. And this year, that matters more than ever, because there have been some important changes – especially at ICAEW.”

These changes are a reminder that CPD is essential to stay relevant and grow in the profession. CPD should be tailored to your specific needs and career aspirations. You should be able to apply what you’ve learned through CPD to improve your job performance and career development and contribute to your organisation’s success.

The CPD is Changing webinar will cover:

  • What the new ICAEW rules mean when they say that your CPD must be ‘verifiable’
  • How the level of CPD you undertake will now vary according to your role
  • Your new obligation to undertake ethical and behavioural training, as well as technical
  • How to identify CPD that adds value to you and your organisation
  • How Future Finance Training can help you to meet all of your professional obligations

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Tuesday 5th December at 12:15pm

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