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Personal Development and Interpersonal Impact

Our personal development courses enable you to increase awareness of your personal behaviours at work and address many of the practical challenges you will face when dealing with colleagues. You will leave these courses with specific strategies to address the unique personal challenges you face.

Learning to lead yourself

To become a good leader, you need to start by leading yourself. In this session, you will learn how to gain a better understanding of yourself, and so make a bigger impact as a leader of others. This involves:

  • Building the foundation for your influence by understanding who you are
  • Focussing on the strengths that will drive your success
  • Identifying and leading from within your ‘sweet spot’ so as not to slow your team down
  • Learning how trusting others can make us feel more in control
  • Giving yourself time to recover so that you are always operating at your best


Making remote working work for you

Do you work remotely, or are you considering doing so? This workshop is your chance to explore the challenges and benefits involved, and to discover how best to make it work for you. You will be given the tools to:

  • Assess your personal needs and expectations from work
  • Set boundaries between your home life and work life
  • Manage and prioritise your time effectively
  • Maintain your motivation and productivity


Building confidence

Do you sometimes suffer from ‘impostor syndrome’ – doubting yourself, worrying about speaking up, passing up on opportunities to add value? In this session, you will discover practical techniques to increase your confidence so that you can ace that interview, presentation or client meeting, and leave a positive impression on everyone you meet. You will learn how to:

  • Silence self-doubt and become more self-assured
  • Build the emotional courage to take risks
  • Articulate your purpose and value
  • Build your personal presence so that others sit up and take notice
  • Connect with people and leave the right impression


Boosting personal resilience

Life has never been more challenging in its complexity and uncertainty. This workshop will give you an insight into how to boost your personal resilience. Highly participatory in style it offers you lots of opportunity to:

  • Understand the root causes of stress
  • Take steps to reduce your stress and improve your wellbeing
  • Boost your resilience to overcome setbacks and bounce back from challenges


Creating ideas to add value to your organisation & stakeholders

Does your role involve problem solving? What do you do if you encounter an issue for which there is no tried or tested solution? This workshop is designed to give you practical techniques to boost your creativity by:

  • Learning to manage the creative process
  • Developing your enterprising mindset
  • Understanding what an innovative solution looks like


Getting successful outcomes from difficult conversations

Does your role involve difficult conversations with colleagues or clients? This workshop gives you the skills to challenge others, speak up, ask pointed questions and provide constructive criticism in a way that leads to better outcomes for you and your business. You will learn to:

  • Understand and overcome the behavioural and systemic barriers to effective communication
  • Adopt behaviours that encourage all parties to speak and listen more constructively
  • Make use of practical frameworks to prepare for challenging real-life scenarios


Developing productive working relationships

Discover the practical steps you can take to develop value-adding working relationships with staff, colleagues, co-workers, superiors and key stakeholders. Learn how to:

  • Master the arts of delegation and motivation
  • Communicate financial information effectively
  • Assert yourself in the workplace


Developing your 360-degree influence

The ability to influence others around you is key to achieving more within your leadership role. Sharing powerful communication approaches to help you exert a positive influence up, down and across your organisation, this session demonstrates how to:

  • Build strong working relationships
  • Adapt your communication style to different personalities
  • Use the ‘right door/floor’ method to get and keep others engaged
  • Leverage the ‘four motivators’ to drive energy in others
  • Seek input and advice from others and so gain stronger support


Making a positive impact when you return to the workplace

Are you an accountant or finance professional looking to return to the workplace after a period away? This session is designed to prepare you to make a positive impact during this transition. It will help you:

  • Understand what drives your behaviour and the impact you make at work
  • Develop your personal brand – the qualities you want to be known for
  • Understand and affect how other people perceive you
  • Inspire people to listen to what you’ve got to say
  • Build your reputation as a professional, confident, capable individual


Simon Hill

Finance Director
Systems & Governance
Paragon Customer Communications

“Since the moment that our contact at CIMA introduced us to Future finance Training we haven’t looked back. As an organisation that doesn’t always do things in a standardised manner, we have taken our brief to the team and they have always had suitable content that can be customised to deliver the training needs of our organisation. Making it easy for us as an organisation to develop customised programs.
The 2 trainers that we have worked with, we have found to be incredibly inspiring and even on the driest of topics have been able to deliver content in a way that our end users have found engaging, bringing in their real world experience and extensive knowledge of topics, to help bring the content to life. This has then been taken back to the business and enabled us to be more cohesive as a finance function on the topics delivered.
I would not hesitate in recommending them to another company who is looking to deliver high quality finance training.”