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Leadership, Team Management and Supervision

As an accountant or finance professional, you will be expected to show leadership within your organisation and to manage the performance of others.

Our leadership and management courses demonstrate how you can apply your technical expertise in accountancy and finance to lead an organisation towards increased success. They also equip you with the practical skills required to develop an efficient, effective team.

Leadership: Creating direction

Designed for those in leadership roles, this workshop will give you the skills to provide direction for your team, department or organisation in a business environment subject to rapid and unpredictable changes in technology, consumer demand, law and politics. You will make use of practical frameworks to:

  • Shake off outdated strategic assumptions
  • Develop your ability to model, plan and think strategically
  • Evaluate the need for change
  • Lead change effectively


Leadership: Enabling people to speak truth to power

Do you want to build a culture in your workplace in which every employee feels able to speak up? This workshop is designed to help leaders build trust and create psychological safety to safeguard communication and unleash 100% of your people’s potential. You will discover:

  • Why trust is so fundamental, yet so elusive, in leadership
  • How to create an environment of ‘psychological safety’
  • Why people fail to speak up and how to overcome these barriers


People management essentials

Does your role require you to manage a team, or are you hoping to take on such a role? This highly practical workshop is designed to help you learn and practise a range of people management tools and techniques. You will leave with:

  • A deeper understanding of what it means to lead and manage people
  • A toolkit of practical techniques to lead and manage a high-performing team
  • The confidence to become a highly regarded leader and manager


Successful project management

This workshop is an introduction to the fundamentals of project management, and is therefore ideal if you are leading – or hoping to lead – small to medium-scale projects or work packages. It will:

  • Develop or fine-tune your project management skills
  • Build your confidence in each stage of the project life cycle
  • Help you learn why projects fail and prioritise your time and energy to get the best results
  • Equip you with practical take-away tools and an action plan to apply to your own project


Creating an inclusive work environment

Does everyone in your team or workplace feel that they belong without having to conform, that their contribution matters and they are able to perform to their full potential, no matter their background, identity or circumstances? That’s what inclusion means and this course will help managers achieve it. You will learn to:

  • Consider equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Identify barriers to inclusion and how to remove or reduce them
  • Reduce unconscious bias
  • Understand positionality
  • Change the system to make your workplace more inclusive


Leading high-performance hybrid teams

Does your role involve managing a team of both remote and on-site workers? This interactive session is designed to help you maximize the benefits and overcome the challenges of hybrid working. You will leave with an understanding of:

  • Which tools and models for remote/hybrid working are right for your team
  • How you can create an inclusive environment that will keep your people aligned and engaged, regardless of where they work
  • How to manage your hybrid working environment so that you and your team become healthier, happier and more productive


Conducting successful virtual interviews

Does your role involve appointing new staff based on online recruitment processes? This highly interactive workshop will equip you with the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to:

  • Create an effective virtual assessment centre
  • Reduce sources of unconscious bias throughout the virtual recruitment process
  • Ensure your candidates have a great experience
  • Make robust appointment decisions


Gemma Shooter

Strategic Client Partner
Professional Learning & Development Solutions for Finance Capability Development

“CIMA have worked with David and Helen from Future Finance Training for the past five years on various client CPD projects and assignments. CIMA highly value the partnership we have with Future Finance Training Limited as the quality of the training and learning that the team at Future Finance provide is of the highest standard and the feedback we receive from clients is excellent.”