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Financial Reporting Training

Our financial reporting training can encompass any aspect of UK GAAP and IFRS that matters to your business. Based on a discussion of your specific needs and the profile of your delegates, we will deliver one or more sessions that can fall broadly into three types: Refreshers, Updates and Hot Topics.

IFRS Refresher

This type of course is designed for those with some existing knowledge of financial reporting under IFRS. It can focus on the aspects of IFRS that are most relevant to your organisation and your delegates, giving them the space to revisit the core requirements of a standard, the problem it is trying to solve, how it is applied by other companies and how it can be most appropriately applied in your business. The aim is for delegates to leave with greater confidence that they are monitoring, measuring, reporting and disclosing appropriate information, and making well-informed judgements every step of the way.


UK GAAP Refresher

This type of course is designed for those whose job involves preparing, auditing or interpreting financial statements produced within the UK GAAP framework. It can cover whatever aspects of FRS 102 make a difference to the responsibilities of your delegates, giving them the space to revisit what a specific section means, the problem it is trying to solve, how it is applied by other companies, and how it can be most appropriately applied in your business. Incorporating real-world case studies and examples of best practice, the aim is to give delegates confidence that they have a deep enough understanding of the financial reporting requirements that they can apply them appropriately in the most professionally exacting manner.


IFRS Update

Our IFRS update courses explore any recent and forthcoming changes to reporting standards and consider how they impact your organisation. Delivered with reference to your business and industry – and built around relevant case studies – the sessions explain what the changes mean, what they are intended to achieve, what now constitutes best practice, and what practical steps delegates need to take going forwards.


UK GAAP Update

Our update courses are designed to keep you up to speed with any revisions or amendments to UK GAAP. They include an explanation of what the changes are, why they have been introduced, what questions they raise, and how they should be applied in your business. Drawing on case studies and insights from regulators, the sessions give your delegates the required knowledge and skills to plan for, and consider the impact of, any forthcoming changes.


Hot Topics

Context matters when it comes to financial reporting. Pandemics, wars, unpredictable inflation, fluctuating interest rates, market changes, industry controversies, changing expectations on matters like ESG – all of these can become pressing issues that affect the way you go about your work. Whatever the latest hot topic is, we stand ready to deliver sessions that will bring you up to speed on the very latest thinking and help you adapt to changing circumstances in the most constructive way possible.


Andrea Cook

ICAEW Director
CPD & Events Programming

“The ICAEW Academy of Professional Development provides a comprehensive range of CPD training for finance professionals. It is vital that our materials are accurate, up-to-date and expertly address the practical challenges facing finance professionals working in business and practice.

Over the past 18 months, we have worked closely with FFT to update and tailor our existing financial reporting content and to develop a range of new titles.

Helen and her team have produced a superb range of materials that reflect their wealth of experience and unique industry insights and that have practical, workable examples throughout.”