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Finance in the Digital Age

Advances in digital technology are revolutionising the role of accountants and finance professionals. In order to future-proof your career, you need to go beyond the mainstream media’s selective and simplistic depictions of these advances and build an understanding of the skills and behaviours that will be demanded from you in the future. These courses require no prior knowledge and provide a robust foundation in the latest developments in the use of technology in society and in the workplace.

Harnessing artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning

Equip yourself with the strategic understanding of digital technology required to lead organisations in the modern business environment. Ideal for accountants and finance professionals looking to improve their digital literacy and use digital technology to drive value for their organisations. No prior tech knowledge required. The course will cover:

  • What AI, big data and machine learning are and why they are so important
  • The current commercial applications of this digital technology


The future of accountancy

Want to future-proof your career and your team against advances in digital technology and the developing demands on accountants and finance professionals in the modern business environment? This course draws on the latest research to help you:

  • Understand how artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used in accountancy and finance
  • Identify the skills demanded from modern accountants and consider the extent to which they are being
    nurtured within the profession
  • Explore what it means to be a business partner and how that creates value for an organisation
  • Develop a practical plan to future-proof your long-term career in accountancy or finance


Managing cybersecurity, blockchain and cryptocurrency

Are you an accountant, finance professional or business leader concerned about cybersecurity within your organisation and wanting to understand the impact of blockchain on transactions? This highly targeted course will help you identify the risks and opportunities involved and equip you with the practical skills to address them. You will:

  • Understand the difficulties of creating a digital currency and how blockchain addresses that challenge
  • Identify practical applications of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology
  • Consider cybersecurity risks and their impact on organisations
  • Explore a range of controls to manage cybersecurity risks within an organisation


Harnessing the power of audit software for the audit

Does your audit firm use audit software, or is it considering doing so? A more digital approach can have benefits for audit firms of all sizes, with the ability to investigate the whole of the general ledger creating an obvious opportunity for audit quality. But successful use of audit software involves the mastery of new technical skills as well as changes of behaviour at all levels of the audit team. This session will help you to:

  • Manage the practicalities of getting started
  • Assess the risks attached to the use of audit software
  • Understand ISA compliance in a digital audit
  • Consider the behavioural changes required
  • Manage any increased use of audit software within your firm


Tom Duncan

Product Support and Delivery Manager

“Future Finance Training have an excellent range of speakers and trainers with expertise across a vast range of financial topics. We have worked with Future Finance training on a variety of in-person, and virtual training sessions, and received some excellent attendee feedback.

The team there are all a pleasure to work with!”