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Business Partnering for Commercial Impact

In the light of dramatic advances in digital technology, all the major accountancy institutes are instructing their members to develop business partnering skills so that they can future-proof their careers. These courses provide a range of practical tools that accountants and finance professionals can apply to their current roles in order to develop value-adding relationships with key clients and stakeholders.

Becoming an effective finance business partner

Do you want to add more value to your business? Find out how to transform your finance business partnering and discover the practical steps you can take to create and develop value-adding relationships with non-finance stakeholders. This session will:

  • Explain how the skills being demanded from accountants and finance professionals are changing
  • Help you recognise the opportunities and challenges that finance business partnering can create for you and your organisation
  • Equip you with a practical structured process to create and develop finance business partnering


Presenting compelling business proposals

Maximise your value to an organisation by winning over its key decision makers. This course will train you to harness the psychological and socio-political processes that influence whether your business proposals are signed off, including:

  • Understanding the components and qualities of a persuasive business plan
  • Sourcing and making use of supporting information of the appropriate quality
  • Identifying the most relevant stakeholders and winning their support


Analysing financial statements

Are you looking to acquire, invest or partner with another business? This course will show you how to extract meaningful insights from their financial statements so that you can reach the most well-informed decisions. You will learn to:

  • Mine financial statements to identify the questions that will get you to underneath the bonnet of a business
  • Assess the financial health and longevity of a business
  • Identify risk areas that require further investigation and problems that need to be solved


Communicating financial information to get results

Do you know how to make the numbers talk? This course trains you to extract, interpret and translate complex financial information to support your own decision making and that of your non-accountant colleagues. You will learn to:

  • Overcome common barriers to effective communication
  • Hold people’s attention and win support for your proposals
  • Select the most pertinent financial information to support your case
  • Present yourself as a professional, confident, capable individual


Simon Hill

Finance Director
Systems & Governance
Paragon Customer Communications

“Since the moment that our contact at CIMA introduced us to Future finance Training we haven’t looked back. As an organisation that doesn’t always do things in a standardised manner, we have taken our brief to the team and they have always had suitable content that can be customised to deliver the training needs of our organisation. Making it easy for us as an organisation to develop customised programs.
The 2 trainers that we have worked with, we have found to be incredibly inspiring and even on the driest of topics have been able to deliver content in a way that our end users have found engaging, bringing in their real world experience and extensive knowledge of topics, to help bring the content to life. This has then been taken back to the business and enabled us to be more cohesive as a finance function on the topics delivered.
I would not hesitate in recommending them to another company who is looking to deliver high quality finance training.”