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Audit Early Careers Programme

Our START SMART programme is an integrated training programme to maximise the potential of your early career audit professionals.

Every one of your new trainees will take exams to show they understand the theory behind effective auditing. They also need the opportunity to take the crucial next step: putting all the theory into practice in the real world. That’s where the right kind of early careers training makes all the difference. At Future Finance Training, we believe this means taking a blended approach: one that weaves the technical knowledge of your trainees into the context and purpose of the audit work you carry out at your firm – and combines them with key behavioural skills.


Our programme covers the first three years that trainees will spend at your organisation. It is split into one or two semesters per year which are designed to complement exam training pathways. The programme offers a blend of technical and behavioural training such as:

Jenny Junnier

Director, Audit & Assurance
Johnston Carmichael

“We brought in Future Finance to create a high-impact training course for us to deliver to our more senior auditors. What they designed was a course of consistently high quality that demonstrated their passionate focus on teaching methods that really hit home – whether it was the inclusion of a role-play video which really made the participants think about what ‘good’ should look like, or the provision of a take-away pack for line managers to make sure the firm reaped all the benefits of the training the delegates had been given. Our facilitators have loved working with such creative, professionally produced materials.”